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Address: Medi Village, C/O Joubert and Grey Avenue, Vereeniging, 1929, Gauteng, South Africa
Phone: 0164222323
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At Vivente, Aesthetic Laser Clinic and Spa our commitment is to provide the highest standard of aesthetic medical treatment with the aim of heightening our patients? self esteem and inner confidence. We believe that cosmetic surgery is an improvement, not a total revision or an unrealistic quest for perfection. We offer a wide range of aesthetic surgery and beauty treatments, ranging from surgical to non-surgical procedures. Every surgery and treatment is always co-ordinated and overseen by qualified medical doctors, who are constantly doing research on the latest products and most advanced technologies in the relevant fields. We provide state-of-the-art aesthetic laser and medical procedures by making use of the Harmony? Multi-Application System from Alma Lasers laser clinic Service. It is advisable to combine a number of less radical treatments over a period of time, rather than simply going under the knife. But often satisfactory improvement can only be achieved through invasive procedures and it is in such cases that cosmetic surgery really does come into its own. It is vital to build a relationship of trust and openness with your doctor to ensure that you will both be satisfied with whatever results you aim to achieve. Here you will find a list of concise descriptions of the types of procedures done at our clinic. Read through it and discuss the best plan of action for your individual needs with your doctor.

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